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Kevin Albright Pictured with Congressman Towns
    Kevin Albright has over 30 yrs experience working in the Dental Tech. arena. Kevin is the Business Owner and Operator of Dr's. Choice Dental Lab in Brooklyn N.Y. For his contribution to quality dental lab dentures and service he has been awarded the following:

-Auxillary of Kingscounty Hospital Community Service Award.

-Brooklyn Borough President Community Award.

-NYC Council Juaame Williams Community Service Award.  

    Kevin Albright  is also a Reverend, Inventor of the new upcoming board game Mission Unstoppable (a game that offers positive, educational, and encouraging play) and he's a viable addition to his Interdisciplinary fields. He has obtained his BA. Kevin is married to Mozell Albright and they have four sons. Namely, Pernell, Elijah, Samuel, and Matthew. Kevin Albright is also an avid Chess Player.  
About Dr.'s Choice Dental Lab
    Kevin Albright is the founder of Dr.'s Choice Dental Lab which was founded  In 2000. The most Important thing Dr.'s Choice Dental Lab does is provide a quality compact comfort fitting denture, this is what sets us apart from other dental labs and satisfies customers.   

   Dr.'s Choice Dental Lab is family-owned and operated right here in Brooklyn, NY. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. 
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Committed to helping our customers provide quality and the most comfortable fitting dentures. 
Kevin Albright Pictured at work