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Dr.'s Choice Dental Lab  -Kings of Craftmanship 
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    Welcome to our website! At Dr.'s Choice Dental Lab, our Dental Technicians have over 30 years of experience so the dentures are quality dentures not the unsatisfying, big, bulky and uncomfortable dentures that patients don't want. They are the perfect fitting often requiring no further adjustment dentures that your patients tell their friends and family about which leads to referrals according to the Dentist' that have voiced their opinion to us. 

    You don't have to leave your current lab if you are doing implants etc., you can keep them because we specialize in removable dentures and we do Crown and Bridge work as well as Zirconia. We provide 15% off the first month bill to try our service out. 

    For Prescription Pads, Bags, questions that you may have and to get started today, please call us at 718-774-5799 and we hope to see you soon. 

    We  offer the BEST DENTAL LAB SERVICES in NYC, we are expanding in NYS, we are expanding across the board to provide what patients truly need for quality of life. How can patients be happy and eat (let alone properly digest their food) with dentures that they have to take out often or can't wear at all? We care about your patients comfort- come to us for it.

    We are committed to your satisfaction which is our #1 priority. Join our award winning team of professionals (see about us for awards obtained for service) as we meet the need of the community locally and at large, lets minimize denture discomfort (a silent but huge issue in dental healthcare) and work to together. 

DrsChoiceDentalLab ® 174 Utica Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11213

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